I made 3 trades today with 2 being profitable ($AXAS & $OAS) and 1 being a loss ($TRNX). Studying has been helping exponentially as well as just watching the market. I cut my loss quickly today for -$3.80 and am proud that I did so. I need to keep this in mind as I've fallen into not cutting losses recently and have paid for them. My profit on the day was $22.60 with just a +1.07% profit but the main thing is that I'm learning every day, every trade. I have to maintain consistency and keep in mind this is a marathon, not a sprint. Thank you @timothysykes for providing your +6,000 video lessons as well as the Silver chat room and! What a help it is to be able to post trades and look at, not only your personal history of trades, but everyone else's as well! PLENTY more to study and I will get through all of it in time.

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