SST got one hit this morning $TRNX. But the SSS score was 'Poor' and overtime improved to 'Watch' status, but never qualified as 'Playable'. Decided to understand why the chart looks like it does. Stock reverse split caused a gap up on August 22nd. Yesterday up move was on the anticipation of positive news. The was a conference call today and the 'Fuels' spinoff was announced, which made it an earnings winner. Hence, there was a morning gap up. But then selling started and it cracked hard to the down side. Slowly improving research to understand why the chart is moving as it is.

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$TRNX in @ .65 out @.638 with 200 shares. I missed the morning spike because i didnt put it on my watchlist. I didn't like the sideways chart since its not my pattern. I really wanted to find a trade today so this was slightly forced. Waited to buy the B/o but it faked me out and i exited immediately once i realized it was not going higher. Stuck to the rules and had tiny loss.

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