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JonathanIParra Apr 29, 4:46 PM

i understand bad sushi thanks mark , on to the next

Mjason May 01, 10:40 AM

good lesson Mark, I actually needed something like this on bad sushi.

BClarke Jun 30, 3:29 PM

Typically history repeats itself. especially in if its recent history (there can be exceptions). Great catalyst, great chart solid volume ideally a former runner are the best plays.

MrEd Jul 03, 1:53 PM

Thanks Mark great lesson

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[TimAlerts] OGEN thought was last nights swing i passed on it into close but if you are looking for 10% or $0.10 you may get it that $0.90 is the break outpoint $0.75ish support 2:1 ok R/R could be better

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