Retweet/favorite this https://bit.ly/2WHWOe8 if you promise not to let shady stocks like $OPTT catch you off guard as it did for too many overnight long newbies

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lg03 Apr 04, 10:12 AM

yesterday wanted to dip buy OPTT at morning at 9 and entered too soon selling at 8.36, then spiked to 15 :(

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($126.01) loss $OPTT long Entry: $1.30 @ 1000 shares Exit: $1.194 : poor execution i had the chance to sell at 1.34 few minutes i bought -- need to be quick. then another opportunity to sell at 1.30 but played the strategy of hope.

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2grasleys Nov 25, 17 11:54 AM

Very Helpful Webinar Mark, Thanks!!

NatesTrades Mar 29, 18 12:42 AM

Reviewing this webinar from October 2017, thanks Mark, once again!

ZiggysMom Jun 07, 18 12:00 PM

Noting to focus on volatile plays, be patient to have a good risk/reward. Big precent gainers are what to look for. Always double check the float. Lock in your profits when you hit your goals. You have to look at multiple time frames. If a stock doesn't consolidate and give a good risk level, don't take the trade. Ideally don't trade p/m as its less predictable. Price action is #1. Don't be overly bias.

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@bank_a_tronic in regards to $OPTT this morning.. Its low float and market cap were a tip off. Plus this stock has a history of massive spikes.. I bought this morning and cut my losses too soon when it dipped to 1.6. but the trend remained.

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bank_a_tronic Oct 22, 17 9:09 PM

Nice one _Apache_! Looks like there will be plenty more where those came from! Maybe this week will be insane as well! Lovin your profile pic too lol

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still leaning and putting in to practice what i have learned trying to stay well under pdt ruling so staying overnight on all trades until account is large enough. starting with 150 with addition of 50.00 every two weeks while still trading to supplement account only way this is possible is by using robinhood allthough limited in stock options i.e. some stocks on the alerts are not available and not able to learn shorting as i wish to do the upside no commission fees and has a few perks such as pdt alerts as well as a decent monthly fee for a margin account. today 5 shares of $GLBS up 40 cents from buy in position 5 shares of APOP up .46 from in position losing on $OPTT by .20 will sell all in am in morning spike,

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