-$225 loss OPTT Long Stock

Entry comments: STT Breaking News: $OPTT+ industry talk OPTT Powerbuoy solutions could be used to power Microsoft subsea datacenters, former runner, goal is to make 7-15%, could be quick given the news

Exit comments: No big followup spike on that news, rule #1 cut losses quickly

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Windwalzer Oct 22, 11:04 AM

Did you exit on the backside? Thank you.

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springstead Oct 11, 10:47 PM

On 10/6 @ 2:46 picked up 900 shares of OPTT at $1.26 I kept it over night missed our on a nice pre market spike on 10/7 after the market opened it stalled I sold on the first sell alert at $2.45 and made $171 on 10/7 at 9:36 I picked up 400 shares at $2.83 and another 100 shares at $3 at 11:50 I sold 500 shares at $3.45 for a total of $464 in profit on OPTT. THANKS Tim

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$1,020 profit OPTT Long Stock

Entry comments: I wanted a bigger panic near the open but I'll take what I can get here, goal is to sell into the bounce ideally the low 2s as others in the sector are rebounding

Exit comments: Nothing huge, but goal reached here so I won't get greedy on a seemingly slow day in the markets, I'll take this single here

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Jim_Bob_buey Oct 09, 9:47 AM

Yeah, huh? Waiting for days fir this dip, and that’s all we get (just watching though)

obadiahxl Oct 09, 12:14 PM

You are having a blast bro, Enjoy your year man

Windwalzer Oct 14, 5:56 PM

Dip buying can be very profitable. Thank you.

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bdd9326 Oct 21, 7:10 PM

Tim, can you let us know what your stop loss is set at for some of these plays?

Millionsarecomming Oct 21, 8:37 PM

I have multiples entry/ exit points you can check the whole trade here I Uploaded a picture with all of them, I didn't trade very well, I think I got lucky. At the end I made almost 15k

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