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DensonFNoble Mar 14, 11:49 AM

It is fascinating to see someone with 20 years of experience navigate so smoothly through what is for me unknown territory. So many hidden lessons.

Windwalzer Mar 15, 11:33 AM

@timothysykes I promise to trust the process. I understand it's not about picks. This is so good to be able to see and hear your comments as the stock market adjusts. Thank you for all your time.

Quise79 Apr 02, 12:07 AM

very beneficial getting to see live trades in real time, not trading yet just growing my knowledge account. Thanks Tim

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verizonwired Feb 15, 11:51 AM

Amazing video. The more you watch the video lessons the more you start to pick up. At first I was definitely lost, but now im picking up on little things. Its like rewatching a movie and realizing all the fore shadowing in the film now that you know the ending

RobertRiggs Feb 16, 9:06 PM

This is an unique time! Thanks Bryce, Kyle and Tim.

BadHombre Feb 17, 9:53 PM

very insightful. thanks team

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