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karman Sep 27, 22 2:53 PM

Thanks Tim. Great webinar

aaronmizellam Apr 24, 23 1:57 PM

Avoid Following Alerts!!! Do Not Chase Strength Buying! Find what Strategies Work for Transparent Successful Traders! Pay Attention to what Strategies Work for You! Don't Just Trade What Everyone in else seems to be Trading! Wait and Be Patient for the Stock to Setup! Find what Brokers Work for You! Thanks Tim G!

Sarnaud1205 Jul 29, 23 9:50 PM

A breakout is made on the daily chart, intraday B/Os that are not breaking out on the daily chart over meaningful resistance is meaningless. Majority of traders fail because they focus on resistance breaks (intraday) and see price perk through but don't think about the way price got through that resistance level, was is a straight parabolic move or was it a slow grind up.

Sarnaud1205 Jul 29, 23 9:52 PM

Take share structure into consideration. Never dip buy or buy breakouts (intraday) on a red candle, regardless if the candle is above a major daily breakout level. If price action is trading below opening price level, just stay away. Only trade your setup/watchlist when stock is in play or hot, if there is no volume/volatility, stay away! Thanks for your time and education Grittani!!!

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Crazey_Canuck Feb 03, 21 7:26 PM

Thank you Mark Peace Out. Got to buy near key support levels or you may get faked out or even stopped out

alexcarmino Aug 18, 21 1:55 AM

Mannn I'm now just watching this. Wish I joined the challenge last year, thanks Mark!!

didixiu Oct 30, 21 1:32 AM

Thank you Mark.

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