$2,340 profit PXLW Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this earnings winner that spiked nicely to finish last week and has a multi-month base in the low 3s, it's just not a fast mover so the key is dip buying this one and not chasing it, will do video lesson on this play this week, goal is to make 10-30% on it

Exit comments: Nice little 10% gain here inside of just a few days, I won't get greedy since this is usually not a fast moving stock and it's breaking out even though the overall markets and momentum stocks are all down convincingly today, trade safely

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Earnings winner $PXLW closing nicely, I hold my dip buy long, good chance of 3.70s-3.80s next week, nothing huge, but low risk given the chart/news/dip buy, just don't chase it

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$48 profit PXLW Long Stock

Entry comments: I used my small Etrade account to dip buy this earnings winner that's also a multi-month breakout...not a fast mover, but it has had a history of multi-day moves on earnings so upside of 30-50 cents/share, downside risk of 10-15 cents/share, similar breakout as LTRX which has bounced nicely off its post-earnings-spike lows, I'll risk it overnight

Exit comments: No gap up like I wanted, OPTT/GALE/NAKD look much better for potential spikes so I play safe here and exit safely, the others are potential dip buys, but don't chase

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humblegains Feb 03, 17 6:49 PM

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

AL1 Feb 06, 17 9:36 AM

Thanks Tim. I did the same.

humblegains Feb 06, 17 9:40 AM

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

MikeG2012 Feb 07, 17 8:18 PM

Thanks again. I'm just starting to paper trade and had $PXLW on my STT watch list. It hasn't moved the way I wanted so I didn't play it today. Everyone needs to get STT, there's nothing like it, it's an incredible tool and I know it is going to help elevate my trading skills. The broker integration will be another plus when it gets implemented.

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