Received 37 Karmas
Popcheez Mar 10, 5:11 PM

Thanks for helping me be prepared!!🍻

stowyo Mar 10, 5:32 PM

it is outta sight

krfdallas Mar 17, 3:48 PM

I love your attitude and the fact that you're real. It makes me laugh.

usmarine2daytrader Mar 21, 10:00 PM

Love this price action - dont like the virus but love the volatility of this sector right now

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Closed my $AHPI long position this morning, sold into strength. I would have lost 60c/share had I sold on Friday at close. Took a small position on SXTC at eod, bought the dip before close and sold it when it spiked after hours. I was planning about holding it overnight but I didn't want to worry early tomorrow. Great day overall.

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Today is Friday and I traded like it's Fiesta. I traded $TNXP, SAEX and CEI and $AHPI which I'm holding over the weekend. It's a low float stock, has news and very relevant to the current worldwide issue which is the Corona Virus. Hoping to sell into strength on Monday or may hold longer if the situation is in my favor.

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@timothysykes Tim, check out $AHPI . NO NEWS & up to $3.98 from its February low at $1.71.. Hit a high today of $5.25 ... The LAST SEC filing published they put out was 2/14. EPS were a loss of (.29)/share. You should review this as the chart reminds me a lot of $UFMG ready to fall off a cliff...

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