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mitnick2 Jul 12, 4:52 PM

Thanks for this info.

simonfuture2 Jul 12, 5:57 PM

There is no off season for me. The grind never sleeps, the hustle never dies, the motivation never ends. I made a promise to myself to level up and enhance my FutureSELF by learning from the best trading mentors I could find. Never Give Up! Never Give In! It’s time for us to Win! Keep it up everyone, the learning curve can be overwhelming at first, but it does get easier as time goes on. Keep up the grind!

BlueBulls Jul 12, 8:57 PM

I will study in the off season. Thank you and the team you’ve built Tim.

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[TimAlerts] RGBP is also a legend stock alerts pump and dump so it will prb spike then crash


[TimAlerts] Good morning guys. RGBP got some news this morning. Do you think is going to spike?


[TimAlerts] RGBP legend stock alerts pump i have had luck rideing them up for a 3-6 cent a share gain on .10-.20 cent stocks

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