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sgnethery May 30, 3:26 PM

might need a video on this one, i dont see anything special that tells me this stk going to go up stupid high and fast, other than thenews that just came out

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taylor6612 Feb 01, 23 11:06 PM

I'm not sure which I prefer yet I start trading monday

BnGDarters Mar 13, 23 8:55 AM

Heard for the 2nd time; still desire to start the slow move, but do want to learn the fast pace when I have more experience.

Bloodhound Apr 18, 23 9:04 PM

I prefer breakouts instead of dip buys, so liked the $glyc play better

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played some more $SMMT today, tried for the dip this morning a little early, right idea, wrong time. Took another stab at it once it bounced a little and looked like it was going to break over the VWAP, it was denied so i cut loss's, but cut before my risk. Right after i cut, the stock grew volume and took off, i sat and watched it go and got back in as it broke the days high and in anticipation of red/green move. Sold at 4.92 as it began to slow down, again, right before the big volume and spike to 5.13. Back in on the dip at 4.88 and out at 5.01 as it looked like the whole dollar was going to fail. Chased a bit and double down (fat finger and bought more then wanted) so i cut losses quick. Got in at 3:00 anticipating a short squeeze as people have been piling in and waiting for the dump, in at 5.07 after confirming the whole dollar hold and held till 5.31, taking profits before the multi week resistance as the stock kept having trouble with resistance areas all day, as it was, it was able to push threw and pop to 5.52 before the collapse back to 5.28. Another green day with a lot of lessons.

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