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1tradedemon Sep 14, 9:47 PM

info is great. its great your doing it this way

schultzy Sep 15, 12:14 PM

Great reviews. Definitely helping shorten the learning curve!

MichaelPuett Sep 15, 7:36 PM

Of course Tim, your thinking is super key, otherwise, why would we watch these videos? Thank you for spelling out your thinking. Love, Michael

gwen12 Sep 16, 12:56 PM

Please keep doing reviews. I need all the help I can get.

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$312 profit STXS Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this first green day stock breaking out a multi-month base with good uplisting news, goal is to make 5-10% overnight, nothing huge as this isn't a volatile stock, but a solid setup I can't ignore, small position though as the spread is nasty so it took me a few small orders to get executed

Exit comments: Took the gap up, looks to still have wall of sellers at 3.35, small gain, potential dip buy is probly better

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