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MAOTRADES Apr 03, 9:39 PM

Gracias querido profesor.

Quise79 Apr 09, 5:01 AM

Still can't believe Tim's whole E-Trade just crashed as soon as he bought LIVX glad he was still able to make gains

Windwalzer Apr 22, 8:22 PM

Thank you for the webinar, there is so much to keep learning and studying. Seeing that every trade can have a difficult time with there platform helps with my frustration, I will work on it.

001CP May 03, 7:37 PM

Thanks Tim.

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[TimAlerts] Not trying to beat on a dead horse here but SWRM has done this a few times before where it has a massive drop and comes right back. So just keep an eye on it for a possible 20-30% gain

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