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ZachR Jan 20, 18 2:03 AM

Thanks mark

March Feb 10, 18 2:05 PM

grazie Mark!

ZiggysMom May 15, 18 11:19 AM

Noting focus on volatile plays, watch for hot sectors, and stocks that can move 50%+ in a day or 2. If the sector leader is going red get out.

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JonathanIParra Aug 27, 10:38 AM

thanks tim , you gotta adapt , when a spike has a history of failed morning spikes you gotta be conserative and when it breakout a few cents and when it doesn't have ideal momentum plus has unregister equity sale then you know you gotta protect protect

wildwes Aug 30, 12:20 AM

this is an awesome lesson Tim. Safety first

Edna Sep 02, 9:04 PM

safety first

Moavran Sep 23, 10:20 PM

Safety first - after a great run I messed up all my gains with holding on to some losers, not wanting accept the loss ... trying to picture Tim screaming “CUT LOSSES QUICKLY”

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Noz Jul 24, 11:25 PM

thanks tim!

JonathanIParra Aug 27, 11:15 AM

we all saw how teum played out, you were right on the nose . you played it safe because it wasn't convincing , had history of failed spikes and it was a weak breakout . but you took profits quick and played it safe , nice to see teum live before the crash and i noticed you don't buy when it breaks , you rather buy on a lower range

Edna Sep 02, 7:22 PM

I got it ! thanks

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