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calebwhite753 Aug 15, 1:03 PM

Safety first I also appreciate the transparency Tim thank you

ZacharyBrian Aug 17, 3:41 PM

Always stay safe. I noticed I was too aggressive on a ABCD pattern today on DCTH, but I'd rather get out with a tiny loss of $70 than risk a bigger drop in a market like this. Eventually it did go higher, but hey, lesson learned and I was on the right track.

bikingbrett Aug 23, 3:40 PM

Very helpful. Thanks Tim. Safety first is key!

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jmparanu Aug 06, 8:20 AM

Better safe than sorry.

Lizzy8636 Aug 13, 1:27 AM

I understand! TEUM had a weak breakout, up 30 percent on the day and a history of failed spikes which made you get out of this stock even though it had a multi day breakout. Love the detailed explanation! Considering all sides. Also the conference seems really cool. I would love to go one day. Thanks Tim!

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