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LittleRed Aug 14, 2:42 PM

safety first.. but trying to let the stock play out the way I want only IF that means leaving around $30 bucks on the table for breakeven.

Espartaco Aug 15, 9:57 PM

I was a gunslinger and now I am a safety first!

allmylove Sep 02, 9:46 AM

Great Video, really ended this one on a climax,Safety First!

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Stopped out of $TIGR. Just trading small with free account. Up .64 cents for the day. What a yo yo ride. DMAC nice .40 cent move from lows. I might need to watch fewer stocks??

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($240) loss TIGR Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this stock that's testing multi-day highs at 5.60, if it break it might be quick so I'm buying a bit under it, risk is if it goes red on the day I'm out so roughly 10 cents/share of downside and 30-40 cents/share of upside potential

Exit comments: No big morning spike, couldn't even test resistance so rule #1 is to cut losses quickly,, small losses are acceptable, don't hold and hope, that's when problems start

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Johnnorth Jun 20, 1:23 PM

At lease you Know the downside when it happens.

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$450 profit TIGR Long Stock

Entry comments: Let's see how this midday perk pattern does, recent runner spiking to day highs, goal is to make 25-50 cents/share on further spike

Exit comments: Got a little bounce, but seemingly solid wall of sellers 5.65-5.70 so I'll take my single and go, always good to test new patterns too, will do video lesson on this explaining it all

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jdhllano Jun 21, 2:15 PM

Hey Guys, That was a JOKE

tai4two Jun 21, 6:48 PM

Thanks for the video lessons.

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