This is why preparation is key, we all saw $TIGR yesterday, once it broke to new day highs today it was a spiker potential, you do NOT have to wait for it to become a big % gainer before buying, that's just laziness

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$440 profit TIGR Long Stock

Entry comments: Small speculative position on this day 2 spiker, former Supernova on a Friday, let's see how far it can run, cut losses quickly if it fails to spike much as it's up a lot now in 2 days on no news

Exit comments: Breaking out, but doesn't move in a way I'm comfortable with so even with my small position it's scary, taking small gains, not gonna risk it, lots of failed spikers today too so good to be safe...now 4.70s as I type this lol

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Windwalzer Jan 21, 20 6:26 PM

This was a quiet stock till 4/2019. Did you wait till it broke resistance above 4.35 and was it moving fast on the way up when you got in at 4.45? I like your "trade scared" I can see how well it works especially with "cut losses quickly". Thank you.

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-$300 loss TIGR Long Stock

Entry comments: I bough this potential earnings winner spiking premarket as this is a former supernova that could respike again, especially since it's in the brokerage industry which should be hot today given TD Ameritrade being bought by Schwab. goal is to make 10-20% before 10am EST on a morning spike, cut losses quickly if wrong

Exit comments: Weird executions, not being able to execute quickly, cut losses as fast as I could, will call Etrade later and figure out what went wrong here

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Alex_S Nov 25, 19 9:15 AM

Etrade executions have been terrible. I've been using my TD Ameritrade and it's better. I'm going to switch all my money to TD Ameritrade when I get back from India.

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Kpow2020 Oct 29, 20 9:46 PM

I started out as a little bit of a gunslinger because I didn't know what I was doing. You have taught safety first & to not give your a hard earned money away . Safety first, always! thanks for all of the lesson:)

001CP Dec 04, 20 11:30 AM

I was a gun slinger thanks to a Furu that taught me all of the wrong ways to trade but that is on me. I'm responsible for my own actions. Now that I'm learning from you I'm definitely changing my habits. Thanks Tim!

Matthew46 Jan 01, 2:41 PM

Thank You Tim! Safety First!!! But some gray area!!!!

dickie_dew Jan 23, 8:11 PM

I aspire to be an educated gun slinger...hope that's ok

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