Entry comments: Small speculative position on this day 2 spiker, former Supernova on a Friday, let's see how far it can run, cut losses quickly if it fails to spike much as it's up a lot now in 2 days on no news

Exit comments: Breaking out, but doesn't move in a way I'm comfortable with so even with my small position it's scary, taking small gains, not gonna risk it, lots of failed spikers today too so good to be safe...now 4.70s as I type this lol


  • Total Views619
  • Position Size2,000
  • Percentage4.94%
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WindwalzerJan 21, 7:26 PM

This was a quiet stock till 4/2019. Did you wait till it broke resistance above 4.35 and was it moving fast on the way up when you got in at 4.45? I like your "trade scared" I can see how well it works especially with "cut losses quickly". Thank you.

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