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LizLele Aug 11, 19 10:34 PM

"I had one lady at the conference and she was like 'What are you doing to get more females involved?" My actual question was: "So, my question is ... as the successful men that you guys are, what if any plans do you have to slow down the divide, help people that are marginalized, help women enter the world of finance, what will you do with your platform, right, and your influence to help those that are still struggling to get where you are?" And then a women screamed 'we don't need it' lol.

LizLele Aug 11, 19 10:35 PM

Oh and the best part is (57:57) “Fit Girl says ‘And you handled her whining so well, took me ten minutes to calm down before I talked with you guys’. So how does it feel to be the most hated lady in pennystocks? Great lol

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Grambo Nov 06, 20 6:47 AM

its good to see these set ups over and over again. I get more obsesses as I really dive deeper into panic dip buying. back to the books once again.

StefanSchwarz13 Dec 07, 20 1:37 PM

Thanks Tim! Wish I had known about you two years ago! Would have loved to have attended that conference!!

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