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skatermdw Nov 03, 18 8:16 PM

Good video Mark, each pattern show a different entry.

Adrien Nov 14, 18 2:03 PM

Good lesson. Thank you Mark

marirubens Dec 17, 18 12:00 AM

Excellent...building perspective! Thank you.

zaraza Dec 19, 18 8:28 PM

Thank You Mark.. Great observation on the low volume consolidation then a ram up on increased volume. Great indicator on sector mania.

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SBrinton Sep 25, 18 7:07 PM

Hi Tim, missed it live . Learned what boxing shares is I had heard you talk about being all boxed up on another video, now I understand boxing,

ZiggysMom Oct 30, 18 1:35 PM

Noting don't necessarily use p/m as a dictator. Do what works for you. Be mentally comfortable. How much will I lose if I'm wrong? If you miss an early play sit back and be disciplined and enter on spikes and bounces. Don't give up right away.

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