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LuPop Jul 03, 18 2:40 AM

I don't understand why you recommend STT and you all are using etrade pro???

ZiggysMom Jul 03, 18 10:33 AM

Noting CVC, to get more confident in entry do extra prep. Look for the technicals to buy. Watch twitter always and forever, especially to see heavily shorted stocks. After initial b/o if its basing and consolidating near highs, buy it on the breakout. If a stock spikes past HOD, wait for the pullback conformation. Look for double bottoms, but pay attention to overhead resistance. Refine trading techniques and beat the market. Focus on entries and don't chase.

axlk Jul 07, 18 6:34 PM

Thanks Mark. I really like your webinars and the way you teach the lessons

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OrcinusO Jun 12, 2:02 PM

6:55 I am blown away....

TonyG1 Jun 17, 1:39 PM

Sometimes the Opposites do Hold True! Thanks!

Tommy_D Jun 23, 8:56 AM

It’s June of 2019 and this same pattern is happening, so not only does “sometimes the opposite hold true” but history repeats itself.

Tommy_D Jun 23, 9:10 AM

It’s awesome to hear about all your charity work, Tim. I’m working real hard to have a pot of cash to donate to the Kevin Richardson Foundation at the end of the year. They need all the help they can get to raise awareness to the plight of wild lions in Africa and to stop the canned hunting industry.

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wright013 Feb 09, 10:24 PM

good info focus on chart history as an indicator thanks

JonathanIParra May 29, 11:38 PM

thanks mark , look at the bigger picture and long term chart and focus on former runners. focus on volatile plays and some will have bounces and some will not

TonyG1 Jun 16, 11:01 PM

Thank you Marky Mark

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skatermdw May 01, 11:30 PM

It's good to be in good position!!!!

JonathanIParra May 30, 2:09 AM

It's good to be in good positions!! nice morning spiker play on hot sector news awesome market this was hopefully we can get another one soon , you missed 2/3 biggest percent gainers but you took an ideal play due to the market environment and took the meat of the move , granted i wouldn't chase in 2019 current market , but 2017 was a beauty

TonyG1 Jun 16, 9:07 PM

Its good to be in good positions! tks Tim

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