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AlexanderROI Aug 30, 17 5:02 PM

I am a bit disappointed with stocks performance, as of Friday of last week. They are either dead or not moving high enough or going down. :/

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$683 profit UNXL Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought some of this pre market winner/contract winner, news is hype-y unnamed PC maker, but this company is struggling so much anything is good, especially a longterm's run in the past but never held its gains so this is likely a PTIE-like play from yesterday, goal is to sell into quick 10-20% pop near the market open hence why I'm buying premarket, will explain m ore during my live webinar today

Exit comments: Got out a little too sooon as now it's hitting $1.03/share, aim small miss small, congrats to all longs here, will explain more during my live webinar

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Krime Mar 22, 17 9:38 AM

In @ 96 out @ 106 ×1000 shares

bigman Mar 22, 17 9:04 PM

Sitting here trying to figure out how Timmy knew that there would be a pop exactly at open.

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[TimChallenge] what does this mean? thank you! $Unxl April $2 strikes on fire here. Stock at $1.33

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