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Koshin Jul 26, 20 12:00 AM

tim sykes you pick the wrong stock these days wash out

playintheodds Aug 18, 20 4:16 PM

Good stuff, I'm starting to understand what you mean when you say "these are moving targets". When we enter a trade we can have some potential expectation but we must always be reevaluating price action and adapting to it.

loucf Aug 23, 20 3:57 PM

Hi Tim got text message 10 min late bought in at 2.12 and sold at 1.794 1000 shares lost 345.22 $ . Hope I can get my messages a little quicker. Good learning lesson got to learn to pass when its to late. Cheers Tim.

onteng Oct 18, 20 10:30 AM

I already talk to the admin. the problem is each time open profitly, the sms alert automatically off. And since I also enrol under tim alert, not possible to have only supernova alert sms.

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