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mynbtsa Jun 13, 11:42 PM

thank you for the lesson

Clovis Jun 14, 2:29 PM

Well said, I will keep more of the runners on my watch list, thank you Mark ;)

pappybizness Jun 14, 10:01 PM

Great Lesson Mark.. Always keep Recent Runners on Watchlist... Jus finished the Book of the Year!!! The Complete PennyStocking course, planning read from the back to front now and grab a thing I missed... New Student = Master Student

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[SuperAlerts] VKTX my favorite NASH play short term. Huge catalysts upcoming that should move it upward. Micro cap


[SuperAlerts] VKTX consolidation just about over NASH bio with huge catalysts. They need no money


[SuperAlerts] VKTX nash play. Huge catalysts upcoming and should move up into


[SuperAlerts] VKTX excelllent presentation on the 11th. Put on watch with 2 P2 in Q2. Either one could be game changer for company.

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