$24 Profit
VSTMLong Stock

Bought it on the initial breakout, but a bit late. Missed selling @ 1.43-1.44. Waited to see if it retested, it based a long time thru lull and it started to move again put it stalled.


($83) Loss
VSTMShort Option
($82) Loss
VSTMLong Stock
($44) Loss
VSTMLong Stock
($40) Loss
VSTMLong Stock
($51) Loss
VSTMShort Stock

Meant to buy not short. And just got the heck out.



Alpha Intelligence predicted on 12/14. Stopped out at -10% on to negative market action. Projected Winning % loss was -9.3%, actual average winning % loss was -13.6%. Will update projected average winning predictions % loss to more model actual.


($29) Loss
VSTMLong Stock
of 128
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