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March Apr 02, 3:59 PM

thanks Mark

ZiggysMom May 29, 11:01 AM

Noting big financings aren't bullish. If its not volatile, do look at it don't trade it. React to the market, don't predict. You have to by near key levels. Always pay attention to the catalyst. Always note price action and know the long term chart too. Former runner, holds gains, catalyst, where in the framework pattern is this play.

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ZiggysMom Jun 04, 5:48 PM

Noting if your not convinced sit back and wait for the stock to prove itself. Always focus on volatile plays, don't trade near lows. Don't try and predict react. When the market is hot be prepared for anything. Watch for bag holder charts. If the stock fails after 1 day and not a former runner, not a good first green day. Dangerous to short stocks making new highs.

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2grasleys Nov 18, 17 8:09 PM

Great Stuff Tim, Thanks!!

ZiggysMom Jun 05, 1:44 PM

Noting do't make bad decisions because of the pdt regulations, be smart, and don't make trades if you can't get out. Have a plan, stick to it, don't change. Market is based on supply and demand. Not all financings are toxic. Rule of ten(1000 shares of a $1 stock, 100 shares of a $10 stock.) It's a marathon not a sprint. Look for big movers, 52 week highs, big % gainers, stocks with clean charts.

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wakalreyes Aug 01, 11:17 PM

one the best video in tim challenge, thank mark thank mark

LHowell Sep 05, 3:51 PM

For LONG: Watch former runners when past resistance becomes support, it holds the level, and starts to make a secondary move higher (and beware of historical overhead resistance) . For SHORT: 11:30a EST is a time of Fake-downs, review previous recent RED Days on Volume (this one was a fighter), never underestimate in a Bull Market, SHORT when there is a clear indication that the stock is no longer able to sustain making new highs and is clearly failing. Great Lesson, Thanks Mark.

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[SuperAlerts] XNET $HMY last of my set ups I am watching I use 1pm as a new set line on runs to hold above and cut below plays.. prefer red buys on test of 4hr support

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