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Rollingball May 04, 16 11:57 PM

I've made the mistake of holding too many times. Take profits when they are there and get out when you start losing so you can move on to the next trade!

Amanditulo May 06, 16 12:16 AM

This morning, I got out early on all 4 positions. It was $0 net gain for MITK, and total of $300 loss for both AXU and BTG. XGTI delivered a pleasant $250 gain on the morning spike. Got good positions on SYNC and LGCY getting shares at near-low support. My mistake is not cashing before the day ends, risking it for the morning spike tomorrow. Was trying to save my 3 day trade limits for a good dip buy tomorrow.

NoviceUnicorn May 09, 16 10:48 PM

@Amanditulo : / yeah it sucks having to keep a pile of cash around and not use it, BUT you have to think of that pile as actually making you money because you are more liquid and able to respond to changes faster.

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Amanditulo May 02, 16 8:09 PM

Thanks for the video. I had a similar bad Monday after my best trading day last Friday.

The_Collector May 02, 16 8:15 PM

Hey, thanks for posting this. I am sure plenty of people had a similar psychology in chasing today.

The_Collector May 02, 16 8:16 PM

I know, I've done very similar things before... Good to see it explained out. Beneficial for everyone.

Gladiatortrader May 03, 16 11:15 AM

Thank you all for your response, def makes me feel better!

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suckmysandals Apr 30, 16 2:24 PM

all of tim sykes' youtube videos.. they're free also.

Willthetrader Apr 30, 16 2:41 PM

@suckmysandals Yeah for me just learning by the video on Youtube of Tim Sykes , this is great ! It's free and i'm sure you will learn.

nathalietrades1 Apr 30, 16 9:33 PM

I also want to suggest this book called " trading for dummies" I went to the Sykes conference in Vegas last year and this book was recommended - I ordered the book and I will say that in addition to the videos great read!!! You can save money maybe seeing if at the library for use or order used on Amazon. The book was suggested by Superman Trades

KShim Apr 30, 16 10:24 PM

As for as books go, my two favorites are "Market Wizards", and "Reminisces of a Stock Operator". Both were thrilling, and the later actually kept me on the edge of the my seat most of the way through.

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osirustwits Apr 30, 16 6:41 AM

I would be selling some into the resistance if it doesn't pop I would bail out since you got in so high and it is a mulitday move. Watch $DRYS and $PRGN to see if they are moving premarket if so you might be good if not I would prepare to cut losses. Would be nice to see it gap up

Nathan_casey Apr 30, 16 10:51 AM

You gotta get more disciplined before you keep trading with size like this man.

nighthawk23 Apr 30, 16 1:17 PM

I bought 800 shares at a 1.24 looking for a small gap up monday morning. I am not sure what it will do but I might chicken out and sell as quick as I can. But it is only 800 shares and I do not have any day trades until Tuesday so I might hold on for a bit.

mandrew514 Apr 30, 16 2:33 PM

I bought it @1.44 and sold @1.25 but it fell so fast I was so scared it went down to 1 so I cut loss right away

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