Stockaholic215 Nov 17, 16 9:42 AM

Niw im Sold in buying. Right now im just studying and paper trading. I went back to analyze why some of these shippers took off like this yeaterday for example SINO Ii just put up a post with 3 of its charts. Now im going back to evry news article it had this year. I noticed from Nov 3rd to the 4th its volume jump from i think 30-40,000 to 150,000

Palmer Nov 18, 16 6:29 AM

@Stockaholic215 Know that traders may build or assign watchlists according to the setup of those stocks. In other words you may want to build a watchlst of only short plays, only long plays, long term holds, etc. If you get a list of stocks to watch put the short stocks in one list and dip buys in another list and you would name the list short only, longs only, etc.

Palmer Nov 18, 16 6:31 AM

Organizing your data is just as important as everything else. I personlly have an earnings winner watchlist, short sell, an current runner list along with new info stocks. We all have our own style and over time you will learn what to look for as far as a stock goes and how to categorize it as well

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