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MatthiasK Jun 19, 15 7:58 AM

I can not watch the Video just shows an error

Francesco97 Jun 20, 15 6:35 AM

i can't see the video ...there must be a problem

Htroli94 Jun 22, 15 10:59 PM

@thehonestcroock Mark how do you get your level 2 to show everything on OTC stocks in TOS?

Drinkman Jun 22, 15 11:44 PM

excellent lesson Mark, loving this action on video :)

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[TimChallenge] I played by the rules today and got my 1st good trade after months of losing. Bought 300 shares $ISR @ 3.22 yesterday few minutes before the close and sold today pre-market @ 3.71. It feels great to be on the right track and make money. Thanks.

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