[TimAlerts] from my blog post yesterday $500 to $2000 I said I had bought 1000 shares @1.44 on $MNKD now up to $1.70 I sold at $1.69 for $240 profit. said I would sell into morning. woke up a little late but got a good profit. feel good overall. stuck to plan.

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goodtimej Apr 11, 16 4:26 PM

Awesome story. Thanks for sharing!

AndrewNohR Apr 11, 16 4:33 PM

@goodtimej Your welcome. One of my goals is to start posting more stuff not just for myself but to be able to share with everyone and to encourage others to write more too.

n24life Apr 11, 16 4:34 PM

awesome ... I agree with you - "if I am losing money then I am not following the rules somewhere along my trading process.

AndrewNohR Apr 11, 16 4:40 PM

@n24life Thanks a lot. Everything is coming together and I plan on trying to keep everything posted as well so people can follow along. It'll make it better for me too if people recognize I'm not sticking to something and calling me out on it. haha.

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