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ironman_mk32 Sep 21, 17 1:06 PM

Thank you for all the responses! I did look for a resistance point but not from the previous day. I wne to the 1 year chart and found an area of support and resistance at $1.04. Maybe i need work identifying these levels? I have been paper trading shorts and have been doing really well with. Unfortunately my account is still under $1000 so i cant short yet. How is etrade with short supply?

ryan9384 Sep 21, 17 1:13 PM

As Tim always says, look at multiple time frames. It didn't really hit for me until recently. Look at previous days, months, and years for support/resistance. All different time frames.

ryan9384 Sep 21, 17 1:14 PM

E-Trade has pretty good borrows but I wouldn't be trying to short with a small account in the beginning.

Bromarguy Sep 21, 17 8:45 PM

Im studying and researching the arts of dip buying myself and all i can tell you is look for major resistance and support levels from different time frames. If your intention is to dip buy a morning panic, wait for the stock to pull back from the panic and see if it starts to make higher lows off of the pullback. If the stock begins to uptrend you can enter into one of those higher lows and use the low of the day as your risk level. Of course use your own due dilligence because i havent entered

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