@Daviddario just became a fully transparent trader today!

CaleTrader Aug 04, 20 12:56 AM

Hey David. I don't know if you can see this link but it may really help you. You sound like me. There is one thing that really really helped me a lot and it's this guy. Watch how Zach draws liquidity levels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fgx0yG_NHc0

CaleTrader Aug 04, 20 12:57 AM

This may be difficult to grasp at first.. not sure where you are in your trading. But man, if you can start drawing these liquidity levels on your own, holy shit, will your trading become so much easier. I wouldn't worry too much about supernovas. Learn to buy and sell normal stocks using this strategy and you'll be fine.

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