[TimAlerts] did anyone see a short restriction on GNCA? im asking because I didnt check early enough, when I did check there was no short restriction.


[TimAlerts] RJETQ is its first day down and it has a double top on the daily chart, so it should tank some more tomorrow. and GNCA is its first day up and it has some resistance at 8.27, eventhough its overbought it might come up some more, just like CPXX few days ago. But, We'll see that's imo


[TimAlerts] swing trades should be for stocks $15-20 or more imo... penny stocks are too risky to swing trade, and WATT is too choppy I think.


Amazing day on PTLA made $3500 by 955 on my day off from the market. LOL great day off can't complain.

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Sparky23 Mar 30, 16 7:48 PM

Do you text or tweet your trades?

OmArLiVeS Mar 31, 16 2:13 PM

where did u get in and out on this stock? I didnt see it go up by much on the 30th.

JohnEDoe Mar 31, 16 2:50 PM

She was in on 3/29/16 and closed the position on 3/30/16....... Look at her trade records.

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[TimAlerts] Just covered VCEL and made $463, biggest gain, yet. Thanks for your videos, they really help!

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