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Fruitarian Jan 07, 17 5:56 PM

Good to read this, i got few things cleared specailly abt tehcnical indicators...I just cannot understand how people use RSI, MACD and MA in penny stocks, these indicators will never show true picture on Penny stock unless there daily trading volumes are in millions..point 108 help me reconfirm my assesment about technical indicators..

Asan4x Jan 07, 17 6:02 PM

all u need support & resistance and trends lines. BUY on breakout and sell on breakdown

Fruitarian Jan 07, 17 10:27 PM

Jason Thanks for sharing your knowledge but dont you think in Penny stock these will show wrong picture, Eg, RSI wil easily get overextended if a stock is uptrending which logically means we should not be taking long position in that stock, whereas actually that stock may go up 200 or 300%

nirvanaghk Jan 08, 17 11:14 AM

Those are not rules, takes an hour to read, a lifetime to digest, that is the essence of a master player, LOVE IT

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Dan1322 Jan 07, 17 5:50 PM

I'm hoping to get DAS Pro soon so this is great to know for features. Thank you.

Turbobob Jan 08, 17 3:21 PM

Learnthings - I have not had any problems with the DAS Pro. And I like the format. I would recommend it for sure.

Fruitarian Jan 14, 17 5:18 AM

Thanks for sharing this video!! Just wanted to ask is there any issues with making withdraw;s from Suretrader i will be funding my suretrader account soon, just wanted to get this clear before i fund my account. Thank You again !!

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AndreyKoltsov Jan 07, 17 10:31 AM

I agree. The majority of it isn't helpful because new traders ask questions during trading hours and often don't know what they're talking about. It's hard to distinguish what is and isn't quality information.

Learnthings Jan 07, 17 1:25 PM

I had a hard time in there as well. What it came down to for me was that I just can't get with that strategy. The fast movers are just too stressful, and while $1/share can be made in 1 minute (See $ETRM), it can also be lost as fast.

ftmanglona Jan 07, 17 2:08 PM

I use the chatroom to see where the hype is at. I use free scanners (for now) so others with premium scanners are able to pick up things that I'm not able to catch. If I'm in a trade, I dont even bother to be in the chatroom. Most of the descriptions for tickers are extremely overexaggerated and personal emotions get thrown into the mix.

Fruitarian Jan 07, 17 5:17 PM

I use chat room just to ensure i dont miss out any stock which is not in my scanner.

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[TimAlerts] HEAR going no where..Will you still hold till market open to see if it spikes ...

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