@KCremeens just became a fully transparent trader today!

KCremeens Mar 18, 9:05 AM

16,734 Coronavirus plays are winning should be out of PDT very soon.

KCremeens Mar 24, 3:13 PM

$27,000 Out of PDT after some wins and a deposit.

KCremeens Apr 13, 11:18 AM

$26,150 after some wins and losses. I decided if i hit $350 in profits in one day I'm done trading. That will grow my account fast enough. Once that becomes consistent I'll shoot for higher goals slowly.

KCremeens Jun 06, 3:47 AM

Some recent losses have put my account down to $25,900 after I made deposits up to $30,000 I'll work to recover this slowly. Need to remember to cut losses quickly. I can do this.

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