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Ike Oct 15, 15 1:41 PM

Thanks for posting this - it's something that I find kind of annoying. I've learned to just shut up and focus on myself now. At the end of the day, I am my only competition. No two traders are identical

bank_a_tronic Oct 15, 15 4:23 PM

Cool, Tom! Nice blog on this :D I did not know that trades could be manually entered though! Sheesh.

kojiman Oct 20, 15 8:56 PM

Your Rock Tom thanks

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MyTradingSchool Sep 10, 15 8:57 PM

Thanks. Yeah I understand. Also, if I may ask, I checked out your site 808boosting. What is that all about exactly? I'm curious

iLLeSt Sep 10, 15 8:59 PM

It's a hobby having to do with video games. Nothing to do with trading, but one day the dream is to make it big trading and help contribute to the community.

MyTradingSchool Sep 10, 15 9:04 PM

That's awesome man! You appear to be on the right track! 73.11% winning percentage is really good! Best of luck with your trading and site. Have a good one!

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Proptrader101 Sep 05, 15 1:00 PM

Try calculating your risk amount before you take the trade and reduce the size of the trade to a more comfortable amount

todddunnigan Sep 05, 15 3:22 PM

@MasiJunior OK, to paraphrase what I wrotein the post, I'm taking a short break from trading to work on something that has been a consistent problem for me. Sure it's only 15 trades, but I've run into the same problem on all 15 trades and I want to work on it before Itrade again. Is that weird or something?

MasiJunior Sep 06, 15 12:19 AM

No actually i admire that you recognized a Problem after after a short Periode of time & now you work it out. Let us know how your journes continues.

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MasiJunior Aug 31, 15 8:56 AM

Not I will coach you, He will coach you. Sorry was a missklick

lqinv Aug 31, 15 11:37 AM

Just purchased "How To Make Millions" Thanks for all your help.

MasiJunior Aug 31, 15 5:48 PM

@lqinv cool! Made me smile that I could help you. Enjoy! :)

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Fabio85 Aug 28, 15 9:42 PM

hi masijunior are you still trading?

MasiJunior Aug 29, 15 1:50 AM

@elbonkar at the moment no, I am learining & watching the weekly webinars & saving up money again to go back to trading. As you might know I turned 8000 into 400. since 2-3 months I dont trade. but I really want to get back to trading

MasiJunior Aug 29, 15 1:52 AM

I still follow & look up some trades from you from time to time. I like that you really start very slow & small. I think that is the way to go insteat of bringing a huge amount of money into the market & trade like junky

Fabio85 Aug 29, 15 12:22 PM

I was wondering what happened to you. I do too fallow some of ur trades. Definitely taking small positions has made me be more intelligent with my trades. And now i fallow the price action, with more patience. When you'll be back? It's very good to stop and study i did it to for about a month.

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