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bandmanjay Mar 08, 18 9:49 AM

Look at RXMD is that maybe a potential short it’s been going up forever?

Ty1 Mar 08, 18 4:20 PM

Hey Tim. 1 month old challenge student. I decided to trade today based on what I've learned so far. I traded on your strategies and followed the patterns you like. and with that i turned gains of $4520 on ZSAN and $808 on PIXY ! It is a simulated account but still shows how what you teach really works. I've only made a hand full of trades so this is a decent start. Thanks for everything! ROOK

Matt35neb Mar 08, 18 7:49 PM

hey tim after last year lost but being a full time truckdriver you cant really sit down and study these charts so igot a local job and then home everynight strarting to trade again my problem last year was to greedy and lucky so im hoping turn it around when you see the big picture of chart this year will be my profitablle year

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