-$185 loss GLBS Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this hot shipper that's a sympathy play to DCIX which is spiking the most today, goal is to make 15-30%

Exit comments: This is not spiking in sympathy with DCIX so I cut losses fast, no biggie, my HMNY gains were still bigger than this small loss, never forget rule #1 from http://tim.ly/thebestrules cut losses quickly when wrong!

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larkjr Nov 17, 17 9:10 AM

Cut losses quickly. Thanks Tim

Combatiente Nov 17, 17 10:10 AM

Do you usually hold trades for just a few minutes?. How often you hold trades for hours or days?

MaxMillion Nov 18, 17 2:47 AM

Hi tim, got a question for u, how do we detect when a sympathy play is not working? Do we have certain signs we can use to detect?

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Market uncertainty, chaos random volatility and trend: Market behavior can be erratic short term due to politics among other things thus creating short lived spikes or plunge, later corrects itself to its intrinsic state. Or I'd like to call, their state of equilibrium. The intrinsic value that collective herd judge what it's worth. Valuation is often distorted due to economic events . Profits can be made when a business valuation gets distorted due to harsh sell off of harsh buy out. Pretty much like when a holding company going bk n has to fire sell all assets to pay debt. Opportunity lies in those circumstances.

Hikaru Dec 16, 17 7:03 PM

That's what i call Valuation and one of my key metrics for trading. Put a value on the company and determine if it's below value or over valued.

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