Lessons 1. Do not go into a trade without a plan/research. Don't rely on picks from chat. 2. Never chase morning spike. 3. Review purchase order before submitting. 4. Don't trade if you sleep in. 5. Pull the trigger. Don't be scared. If you have a plan, execute on it. 6. Don't buy a stock intraday. 7. Cut losses quickly if the stock goes against you. 8. Lock in profits. Do not be greedy for big profits. 9. Stick to your plan and take the meat of the move.

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Angiexoxo_16 Dec 09, 15 9:31 PM

Thankyou for the reply Ryan, I hopefully will get there soon! have a great day (:

Palmer Dec 11, 15 6:06 PM

Angie: Remember that you are not risking the entire 75% on one trade. That is the amount to go in with, i.e. 1500 shares of a $1 stock. The risk is how much are you willing to lose of that $1500? So, a 10% risk of that $1500 is $150 per that trade.

ShaanPama Dec 16, 15 4:56 AM

@Angiexoxo_16 Hey I started with a account size similar to yours. Feel free to direct message me on my Instagram ( linked on my profit.ly page ) and I may be able to assist you in growing your account.

s32wilki Mar 24, 17 11:43 PM

I would assume you have a stop loss at 10% of your position size but when a stock tanks fast isnt the loss greater due to ton of people trying to execute to get out?

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