TomKob11 Apr 28, 18 7:15 PM

@Mr_EnLichten yes i do all my calculations after commissions. If it wasnt clear, the reason i was red on the month because i had more size on losing trades than i did on winning trades.

TomKob11 Apr 28, 18 7:17 PM

@Mr_EnLichten My position sizes are puny, i have much more room in my account to increase positions but i am working on it gradually, practising scaling in, and out, adding to winners etc. Sykes says scalping is not ideal, true. But thats one perspective, check out Madazmoney who scalps and has a reliable strategy and does very well. Im not advocating for scalping, but there are times when you should size in, and times when you should not

Mr_EnLichten Apr 29, 18 2:27 PM

@tomkob11 oh, the sizing difference, not sure how I missed that in my initial reading. But that's great that you're practicing and refining your strategy! Keep on keepin on!

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Clean_Supreme Aug 01, 17 5:21 PM

@tdfred93 reddits penny stock forum...dont buy just because ppl say to but its a great place where people share news regarding penny stocks. *take it all with a grain of salt tho*

Governer84 Aug 02, 17 4:13 AM

That had to have autocorrected I'm so sure of it.

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kmilo327 Aug 24, 16 8:55 PM

I'm not close to be an expert but what I've learned tells me that most pennystockers trade the first 2 hours. some say the last hour is also good. try to learn a swing strategy instead or use Thinkorswim smarthphone app that sounds the alerts on your phone, so you don't have to be all the time in front of a computer screen. Also use a scanner - alert software to increase your chances of finding good plays.

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