SJTrades Sep 29, 16 1:50 PM

This would have been a good overnight play to profit on since it finished strong yesterday. I was going to buy into this @ 3.10 yesterday but didn't pull the trigger. But I'm not mad cause I didn't have confident here, and it moved up very slowly today. I have bought at the top before and I know the feeling.

Markeypoo Sep 29, 16 3:05 PM

got in @ 3.26 set alert for 3.16 out @ 3.17 took your advice again and saved alot of money SAFE SAFE SAFE

DeaDSeRi0uS Sep 29, 16 3:38 PM

im feeling the same pain right now with $SDRL bought at the top , and no sooner that i did it dropped, hoping for a rebound at closing now, but im in hole 24 bills at the moment, SMH

1kmilo327 Sep 29, 16 4:49 PM

If you cut your losses quickly you already did half of your trade ok, Make sure you learn somthing about your entry. don't play mid days unless you have an specific plan.

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1kmilo327 Sep 26, 16 12:40 PM

@Marathon_2_A_Million Great ! I recomend you to make a plan also to recover your self mentally from mistakes and unexpected losses. I'm far from being an expert but I think successful trading it's 20% knowledge, 80% discipline, emotions control and consitency.

1Damahco1 Oct 04, 16 6:56 PM

This is awesome I am ready to go on this journey with you.

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babynoah Sep 15, 16 1:27 PM

@Wakko No just meant IB has no support, they are good. Can't blame them.

Wakko Sep 15, 16 4:25 PM

@babynoah I use IB, and I had to call them a few weeks ago to solve a deal with the authentication method, and I dont live in Brazil. The rep that helped me as great: he even called me back to let me know that everything was solved.

Wakko Sep 15, 16 4:26 PM

@babynoah So in the end I think the support problem is a relative thing....you can either have a good support or a bad support, and that will depend mostly on the rep that get your call.

babynoah Sep 17, 16 6:19 AM

Yeah all relative, minor things. My mistakes are my own. Your brokers not gonna make you Rich. @Wakko

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1kmilo327 Sep 12, 16 2:19 PM

@thekumar Everybody has emotions issues when trading. I'm also scare of losing money so I miss some trades that spikes without me and then I feel worst. I think successful trading it's 20% knowledge, 80% discipline, emotions control and consitency. That's why so few achieve something. Good luck !

1TheKumar Sep 12, 16 7:24 PM

@kmilo327 papertrading emotions and real money trading emotions are different is what im basically tryng to say

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1Chongette32 Aug 27, 16 5:01 AM

Omg whoever said to use margin please don't listen to them. That's how I blew up my account bits ok to trade high priced stocks when you have a lot of capital but to grow your account exponentially penny stocks are the best way to do it and their chart patterns are just as predictable and reliable than 'real' companies

1timothysykes Aug 27, 16 6:32 AM

FYI a margin account is required to be able to short sell but it is different from leverage, do not use leverage

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krs1 Aug 24, 16 5:35 PM

...perfect. I think if you give it more time and you find that strategy, the frustration will only be in the past and when you get to that level, we'll all be there to congratulate you! Check this video out that I watched yesterday. The second one helped me - http://profit.ly/content/premium/7684 Good luck! (3/3)

1kmilo327 Aug 24, 16 8:34 PM

If you want to be his next Tim Grittani you must overcome this. Grittani started with a 1,5k account too, and his first months was down 1,2k.deeper than you. Keep going man, may be you are not paying enough attention to volume during those dip buy.

1Collegetrader01 Aug 24, 16 11:20 PM

keep doing what your doing and if your smart it will click and youll be amazed at how uh you can make , nobody started out perfect here , ive been trading for 4 years and amd just now consistanlt turning a profit , nobody said it was easy becuase then wed all be rich

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