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Modesto, California
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Overnight Buy & Sell

I cut my gain short and got out....Good thing I did because I would have had a Loss instead of a small gain....remember Small gains are better than small losses...

I tried....

I changed my mind...rather play $OXIS heading into 4-20, with WEED 3 airing on CNN on 4-19....should be a nice Catalyst.

Practicing shorting...this is only like my 3rd or 4th short ever. But looking back now, I was correct in my thinking, BIIB is down a lot more now, I was on the right track.

I should have sold pre-market and got out. This is what happens when you forget to set your alarm clock sunday night. I woke up 30 minutes after market opened and damage had already been done. But I still cut my loss soon as I could and good thing I did because it kept dropping.

Everything about BIIB was looking like it was going higher...aI regret selling early as it ended up another $15-$20, coulda made another $1K, but I have been taught to tr trade safe so soon as it started to drop I had to protect profits and get out! Still a nice payday! :)

Posted: Mar 22, 15 4:19 PM/

Sold too early..went to 2.20 couple hours after I sold, I ahould tr rust myself more and give little more time for my trade to play out

Posted: Mar 22, 15 4:22 PM/

Quick flip

Ahyayaya, right after I sold it shoots up $1 a share the next day! I should listen to my gut and give the trade more time to execute..

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