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TomLow Jan 28, 10:33 PM

Thanks. That was awesome. Will definitely watch it again.

Windwalzer Feb 05, 6:24 PM

Thank you showing the on demand along with the commentary to and the through the reversal. Always helpful. It's good to look at a chart from a short sellers point of view. I finally get how there can be so many buys when it's going down, short sellers buying back shares. Only taken two years to get more understanding the little, but important, stuff: chart, candles, who's up/down, which catalysts might work. Thank you again.

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jburd Jan 13, 11:13 PM

Thanks Mark much appreciated.

Crazey_Canuck Feb 05, 7:41 PM

Thank you Mark Got to keep the noise out and focus on these types of plays keep getting distracted with all that goes on in the chat with all the cash being made and of course feeling left out. However got to get the process down and trade well. Trade well and the money will come Tim G. quote. Thanks again Peace Out

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Zac Dec 22, 20 8:48 PM

thanks Mark very good video. excellent info.

Windwalzer Dec 23, 20 4:25 PM

Thank you for clearly showing and explaining the "gun chart". I now makes sense visually and mentally. You do great webinars.

AaronofYarmouth Dec 30, 20 10:21 AM

Great webinar, good advice on the breaking news and dip buy plays for new traders.

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GUAMillionaire Feb 12, 18 5:54 AM

Thanks, Michael. Interesting to learn about other assets.

Rads73 Feb 27, 18 6:41 AM

Thx Mark, interesting lesson

ZiggysMom May 01, 18 3:09 PM

Noting honestly going to have to study and learn more about the stock market becasue this kind of went over my head. Interesting, but like the trader checklist it will make more sense after more weeks of studying. When the market is down hype will be less effective, earnings are more effective.

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