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GUAMillionaire Feb 12, 18 6:54 AM

Thanks, Michael. Interesting to learn about other assets.

Rads73 Feb 27, 18 7:41 AM

Thx Mark, interesting lesson

ZiggysMom May 01, 18 3:09 PM

Noting honestly going to have to study and learn more about the stock market becasue this kind of went over my head. Interesting, but like the trader checklist it will make more sense after more weeks of studying. When the market is down hype will be less effective, earnings are more effective.

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ZiggysMom May 24, 18 10:09 AM

Noting to look at the hot sectors and focus on the hype. Track trades and keep reviewing them. Write out a trade plan and avoid being emotional.

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[TimAlerts] NXTD spiked last year with news of working with WV. They provided some key cradle thing I believe

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