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Pops62 Oct 22, 18 10:36 AM

jeseil -- Awesome explanation of the trade and your thoughts through the whole thing. You are 100% correct on your new understanding of trade the rumor, sell the news :-). Tim teaches play the reaction off of the rumor or news, don't anticipate the reaction. If there was one common theme through your explanation of the trade is you thought the reaction to the new was going to be this, so you stayed in the trade when you knew you should get out because you tried to anticipate the reaction. I als

Pops62 Oct 22, 18 10:38 AM

damn it!!! it cut me off. I went on the say Great work keep it up! :-)

bahamastrader123 Oct 25, 18 2:11 PM

Heyyy pops ... I want to look at the chart to see where you entered and where you exit to see where you made the mistake so I can learn from it. I was using graphs but they don't seem accurate enough and they don't show me like what time you entered as in 9am. What I doing is taking the ticker and using proftly to see where you entered but I need a bigger chart than profitly providing and a better one than tradingview any suggestions??

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