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kylepolasek Feb 04, 11:16 AM

Congratulations. How are you finding your swing trades?

Craigtradesthis Feb 10, 10:17 AM

So, went on a week long or so hiatus to read and learn in an effort to stop overtrading and chasing strength or weakness. I have never traded 100k in one position! I think it has something to do with my trade imports, which I am still getting used to. My swings have been fine I guess. my biggest issue has been setting risk/ reward that is suitable to me. I want only very high reward to risk as I'm sure everyone does.....The only issue is I have a hard time setting levels for risk reward that all

Craigtradesthis Feb 10, 10:18 AM

that allow me to make a few grand without risking over a grand.....and I'm trading for a living so its hard to just say "wait for the good plays" and "don't trade everyday".

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RacerNSX Jan 06, 2:07 AM

Wow, congrats. thats more than most peoples annual income!

Champ Jan 07, 12:19 AM

Thanks Tim! Are you looking to short the 1st red candle at 1 minute? Or how do you play the TOPS short to make sure you don't get burned?

Dbice Jan 13, 6:48 AM

Thanks this was helpful information

TimeFliesBuy Jan 26, 7:35 PM

Everything you do is both helpful and recognized, thank you.

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