Hey y'all, New here as of 4/30. Looking forward to learning and experiencing some amazing historical times while having fun and making money with y'all. I started my trading in early 2016 with a $1500 investment. I bought what I felt were good plays (AAPL, XPO, SILV, and a few others, not much research put into this btw) before walking away for just over a year. I took some nice gains and costly losses. I cashed out what I needed due to life events but left some open trades. I restarted my investing as a partial day trader in Feb 2020. Unfortunately I had taken some hefty losses from a few stocks that didn't do so well over the few years. Then COVID-19 hit, XPO, a stock that I once was up well over 200% gains, had fallen drastically. I was lacking knowledge and wasn't really sure what I was looking at on a chart or news. This all changed very quickly, all thanks to things I have learned from Tim Sykes over the last few months. Now I am getting started in the right path. I only have a small trading account, with no additional deposits since 2016 and now learning from newsletters, webinars, YouTube videos and now fellow chatroom members. I look forward to learning day by day and helping those where I can from the knowledge and experience gained from the platform. I also hope to eventually become part of the Millionaire Challenge and further my capabilities as a mentor, researcher and trader. Take care, J

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