I EDITED MY TRADES FULL DISCLOSURE - I removed the ones that are what I no longer aim to do - chasing same day trades - chasing super novas or stupid shorts. It just does not work for me. Mid day or end of day chasing that wasn't an overnight attempt. Also the pure idiotic extremely volume huge spread trades that I learned a $4,000 lesson on and will never do again. I don't deny them happening, but I edited the numbers to remind myself that if I stick to first green day, and dip buys --- I make good money. After the edit I am $8000 higher from 4k neg to 4k pos. This is how bad chasing percent gainers fucked up my account combined with the extremely low volume few cent stocks I chased after huge percent gains. Including the one tim yelled for me at for talking about in chat. I was looking at it like an investor - I learned my lesson and why he was so mad - it was a utter shit stock. That was a $2,020 loss and my biggest. 4 were between $750 and $1400. The edit is so I can remind myself to stick to first green day news overnights, and eventually more dip buys only! I have records of my old comments should the need arise. This is NOT to pretend I am better than I am - add about $8,000 of losses to this. This like I said, is to remind me to stick to the game plan, and that I would be doing great if I do. There are still bad plays - ones I let run way too long. So if I cut faster, I should do even better. This is purely for my mentality as I trade, and a reminder to stick to WHAT WORKS - EVEN WITH LOSES ON THAT TECHNIQUE. First green day, First red day short and Dip buys. Feel free to ask me about this. I just wanted to be clear I edited the numbers for basically a personal mind game - and not to be fake. I openly admit there are more losses but they are bad techniques I want to remind myself to never do - so I can continue on a great path. Also I am swtiching back to webull which won't help things cause I can't verify, but I will figure out how to post some good screen shots perhaps monthly updates like Tim G. To be decided. See record of deleted trades as my first blog post.

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