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HiImNew Jul 19, 17 8:32 PM

what paper trading software do you use that gives you shares to short. I use TOS, but they never have shares.

cheezy2269 Jul 19, 17 8:42 PM

I use Interactive brokers. if you have an account you coulc set up and alternative paper account that wont reset everyday. I also use TOS but their paper trading is i bit too sloppy

HiImNew Jul 19, 17 8:46 PM

oh thanks. I dont think I wanna go through the trouble of opening a new account, but can I ask, what do you have against TOS?

cheezy2269 Jul 19, 17 9:18 PM

nothing i love it. But as far as paper trading goes. its a little tricky. as for trading I'm going with IB because the commissions are alot cheaper.

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