@Fukumoney lol right. it just didnt show up right??? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD bye bye xD maybe study next time b4 trading. hard work pays off. theres 5k vid lessons man...

Fukumoney May 17, 18 6:40 PM

@cl1che worry about urself don’t fucking worry about me

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@snowboardsky Hey, didnt wanna clutter the chat. Thanks for the advice. My picks are good 90% times but executions are bad 90% times. Working hard on my trading habits but its a tough game! :D

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@dux When you started learning about trading, how did you manage your education on the subject? For instance, was there a specific order of DVD's you watched, or books you read? I'm interested in hearing the steps you took to learn about trading, and also is there a way to improve upon what you did. There are a lot of DVD's out there, but I'm curious about what the complete educational picture looks like.

Teyrex Nov 03, 17 11:43 PM

Whiskey I think I remember Steven saying he watched everyone of Tim S, Tim G and Michael Goodes DVDs and lessons. I know it's a lot!! of hrs because I'm studying and watching the DVD's tonight for a few hrs of post trade studying. Good luck trading!

cl1che Nov 08, 17 4:10 AM

He watched everything including the dvds. ALL the webinars. And he watches video lessons while trading driving etc, since tim has 400+ hours of those too, and you could watch them dozens of times to absorb everything.

Lx888 Nov 08, 17 3:54 PM

Watch the video above Timothy Sykes and Steven Dux explain how he did it. I suggest to watch it a few times.

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I am up $600 on Tesla. Don't think I am selling anytime soon!!!

cl1che Nov 14, 17 4:05 AM

4 years later still hasnt dedicated himself to trading. Lol. such a lack of motivation.

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