TimeFliesBuy Sep 08, 17 5:41 PM

I tried starting an account, they kept jacking up my login information, I finally got it figured out then my bank was like "this is shady" then a friend said, "they even have fees for going long that are rediculous" and I don't know anyone who disputed a charge and won so I finally said Nope not going to do it. You're just better off getting multiple accounts with a low minimum broker like Etrade, where you can immediately same day transfer money from one to another.

TerrapinShorts Sep 08, 17 6:04 PM

Stop trying to be a fucking cheap ass, invest in your fucking trading and yourself. Give yourself the best opportunity at winning, there's a reason all the best traders have an account with them and why Tim doesn't really recommend them as a preferred broker. The PDT Rule is a rite of passage, embrace it instead of running from it.

Skiwi Sep 08, 17 6:27 PM

Sheesh, truth is if you use size you can request 9.90$ round trip commissions for every 10,000 shares you trade is there anyone cheaper than that? maybe IB.. idk I don't use IB. SureTrader have a lot of shares to short I'm really happy with that. They have fees for being long on a margin account but not for every stock, idk how it's determined but if you'd like to know more check their short list on their platform, see long margin rate (yes long not short), executions? if same price as market pr

Skiwi Sep 08, 17 6:31 PM

that being said don't forget due to hurricane Irma SureTrader banking services are fucked up for the next week or two, also use profitly statistics on brokers, you will see everyone who used SureTrader lost money - I assume this is because overtrading and commissions 9.90$ per round trip minimum or 0.02 cents per round trip minimum, so be very careful with the power they give you.. also 1:6 margin is insane, never use the buying power they give you unless you're buying some microsoft shares

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mydharma Jul 04, 17 5:32 PM

@Skiwi I hear ya. It's a learning process. I'm still a few months in so I like to know if a stock is being promoted. Whether or not it works or is influence, well, the price action tells us that, right? There are millions of trades. Many of whom are very new to this game and have no idea a stock is being promoted. They can definitely influence the market.

Skiwi Jul 04, 17 5:36 PM

@Nathan_casey Everybody is different, for me I just can't relate to the OTC's right now. @mydharma Stock promoters are not useful because nobody listens to their picks anymore, you can use stockpromotionsecrets.com service for good tracking, really it's not something you should waste your time, energy and money on, IMO.

Nathan_casey Jul 04, 17 6:05 PM

@Skiwi I'm just saying every once in a while there are those smash hit OTC plays still. Not like it's completely dried out. And when those plays arise a lot of the time they seem more straight forward than the Nasdaqs when they break out

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