@dux how do you get shares to short so easily? I get my order rejected almost every time I enter a short order even though I have interactive brokers which is supposed to be good for shorting. What am I missing?

TimeFliesBuy May 05, 18 6:40 PM

I have a friend who has IB and lately I've been getting better borrows with Etrade than he does with IB

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@dux Congratulations on your big $110K win yesterday,keep inspiring.

bahamastrader123 Mar 24, 18 11:31 PM

Steven dux ... I already watched your DVD .. like chess I learn by watching other play games .. I need you to record each trade you do from beginning to end whether you win or loose and upload it either for free on your youtube channel or upload it on your website. I can learn better like that by just watching you trade

ThePennySqueeze Mar 31, 18 8:38 PM

@bahamastrader123 lol, common man. You "need [dux] to record each trade" for you? You actually think he's going to do that just for you? Who the heck are you?

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