My boyfriend got down on one knee tonight... to tell me that he bought me HTMM for my birthday, which is November 16. Haha... Hey, HTMM may be even better than a ring. Here I am, about 5 months away from obtaining my MS degree, and all I really want to study now are Tim's DVDs. It's motivating as hell to have someone who believes in me too. Thanks John!! xoxo <3

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Avafa Jul 05, 16 6:48 PM

Hey. I noticed you've been to Tim's conference. how was your experience? was it worth it, and useful? Thanks in advance

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emilyrose Oct 09, 15 2:16 PM

Hey, I met you at the conference, right?? :)

kaush88 Oct 09, 15 2:22 PM

hahah i guess so i was the bald drunk guy lol. How you doing, i hope you are getting some good commissions coming in so that you can pay for your brokers commissions :)

emilyrose Oct 09, 15 3:06 PM

Absolutely :) I'm doing well - hope you are too! Message me anytime. I feel I gained a lot from the conference and will be keeping my trades updated here!

kaush88 Oct 09, 15 3:21 PM

Yes i am good, yup i learnt a lot from the conference and the networking was amazing. Made some legit contacts. yup i will be posting my trades as usual, its a never ending learning process which is awesome i love it

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