@parabol128 I continue to be impressed with the low risk on your trades. Can't get seriously hurt with this kind of account management.

parabol128 Aug 30, 14 6:53 AM

Thanks dude. Flip side is you can't score big either. With liquidity increasing sep-dec I'll start (gradually) increasing position sizes and risk

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@OZARKTRADES Great work Phil. Keep it going!

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zamlat Sep 30, 14 6:18 AM

U might wanna try sogotrade. they dont av the kind of charges imposed by suretrader.

jamesphuc Sep 30, 14 6:50 AM

sogotrade allows funding via credit card / visa card? I only have foreign bank account in Cambodia to do online investments, and so, I am not Cambodian citizen

jamesphuc Sep 30, 14 6:51 AM

I really like and want to try trading Penny Stocks but it seems TOO HARD to open account with brokers. But for forex, it is SO EASY to open account with forex brokers.

jamesphuc Sep 30, 14 6:52 AM

Thanks a lot for your reply so far, Zamlat

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@fisktr I really think your profit chart is fantastic. Continue to do the things you have been doing. I think you will be a great trader. Cheers, J

fisktr Jul 20, 14 6:55 PM

Thanks Reisem. I very much look forward to learning more and continuing to improve.

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