As bad as my EFTR trade is, it could've been FAR worse, once I saw my mistake, I got out immediately in the .90s, now .60s, I could be down another $60k

hoshjosh May 26, 9:43 AM

Always appreciate your transparency. That's what separates you from the rest!!

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holtzy Oct 22, 21 12:15 AM

This post was enjoyable and insightful. Thank you for taking the time to write about your journey. I appreciate the detail in your descriptions of your process. Thanks again!

Charlie911s Nov 19, 21 6:06 AM

Fantastic post. I've read a lot of takes on investing, work and wealth - this is by far the most concise and insightful representation of how that journey should be experienced.

Coopaloop May 03, 22 8:13 PM

thanks for the process thoughts this helps a lot

brandonkoy Feb 20, 2:17 PM

well done, breakouts first green days are my patterns as well. love key support, entries to not get shaken out, taking profits along the way, and psychology of short shellers

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